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Choosing the right accountant can be the difference between success and failure...
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QuickBooks Pro 2014 or earlier?
QuickBooks Premier 2014 or earlier?
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2014 or Earlier?
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QuickBooks Pro 2015?
QuickBooks Premier 2015?
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015?
Please choose the annual or monthly payment option click buy and then click submit to checkout
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Subscription

This is for do it yourself payroll, you are responsible for all payroll tax payments and filings. If you do not wish to do the payroll taxes or filings, you can hire us to do it for an additional fee.

If you choose to pay your employees by direct deposit, Intuit imposes a $1,75 per employee per month fee that is a separate charge, this is for a subscription to use the payroll option in the software. You can look at online payroll or our QB NACHA conversions file to avoid that $1.75 fee from Intuit if you want to pay your employees by direct deposit.

This is a one year subscription paid either annually or monthly, at the end of that period you must renew the subscription.

To keep your credit card information as secure as possible, we do not collect credit card or bank account numbers. This information goes directly to our credit card processor, Square. which you will be directed to on the next page.

If you wish to pay monthly you will receive an additional invoice for the monthly fee that will be recurring for the remaining 11 months. You can however cancel at anytime by contacting us.
You cannot use the Payroll Desktop Payroll Subscription, you would first have to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks software or check out our online payroll services that can be imported into your QuickBooks file.
If you have a 2015 version of QuickBooks, be aware that around May 31, 2018 QuickBooks will sunset your version of QuickBooks which means that you will no longer be able to use the payroll feature. You will have to either buy a newer version of QuickBooks to continue using the payroll subscription or use the online payroll option. If you have a 2015 version of QuickBooks and are not planning on purchasing a newer version, we recommend either purchasing the monthly option or look at the online payroll option.
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