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What do we do?
Additional Features
You are in control of your company's payroll

Time tracking solutions
Advanced customized reporting
Multiple state income tax withholdings
Advanced job costing capabilities
Advance deduction payment capabilities
Unlimited payroll runs per month
Level Two Online Payroll Service
This will be based on the payment schedule for your payroll tax payments. When the program is set up you will have the date when everything is due and will have reminders when you login and emailed to you.
Weekly, Monthly, and/or Quarterly Tasks
1.   Pay 941 taxes and file quarterly report
2.   Pay State withholding taxes and file required reports
3.   Pay State Unemployment insurance taxes and file required reports
4.   Pay Local withholding taxes and file required reports
Each Payroll Period You Will
1.   Add up total employee hours worked for the pay period
2.   Login to payroll portal
3.   Enter employee changes, new hires or terminations, if applicable
4.   Enter employee hours
5.   Review paychecks
6.   Print paychecks and paystubs, if applicable
7.   Distribute paychecks and paystubs to employees, if applicable
8.   Calculate retirement account employer matching, if applicable
9.   Import payroll information into accounting software

With free direct depoit and employee paystub access steps 6 and 7 go away
Annual Duties
1.   Pay 944 taxes and file report, if applicable
2.   Pay and file Federal unemployment taxes
3.   Pay and file any required State and local year-end withholding
4.   Submit W-2's and W-3's with Social Security Administration
5.   Pay and file State Unemployment Reports and pay taxes if owed

We set up you online payroll account
Set up employees and contractors
Enter YTD information if any
set up your payroll tax accounts
Provide your User ID and password
Training on payroll editing
Walk you through your first payroll
Walk you through paying payroll taxes