Choosing the right accountant can be the difference between success and failure...

- Time tracking solutions
- Advanced customized reporting
- Multiple state income tax withholdings
- Advanced job costing capabilities
- Advance deduction payment capabilities
Unlimited payroll runs per month
Level Three Online Payroll Service
Each Payroll Period You Will
1.   Add up total employee hours worked for the pay period
2.   Login to payroll portal
3.   Enter employee hours
4.   Review paychecks
5.   Print paychecks and paystubs, if applicable
6.   Distribute paychecks and paystubs to employees, if applicable
7.   Import payroll information into accounting software

With free direct depoit and employee paystub access steps 5 and 6 go away
You pay your employees
We take care of the taxes
As Needed You Will
1. Inform GJW Accounting and Tax Service, LLC employee changes, hirings, terminations, pay rate changes

2. Distribute new hire packet to employee so that GJW Accounting and Tax Service, LLC can file any new hire forms required, as well as set up the new employee into the payroll software.
Additional Features

- We set up you online payroll account
- Set up employees and contractors
- Enter YTD information if any
- pay schedules
- set up your payroll tax accounts
- Provide your User ID and password
- Training on payroll editing
- Walk you through your first payroll
- Schedule all payroll tax payments
- File all payroll tax related forms
- Provide payment confirmations
- Provide copies of all filings
What do we do?
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