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To our Prospective Clients

GJW Accounting and Tax Service, LLC wants your business. We have a nine point service pledge to you.

In summary,

5. Non-Technical Language

4. You can't do that!

Most importantly, we realize that we are working for you, without you we have nothing. We are entering into a symbiotic relationship, if you have lost opportunities, or worse fail, our business suffers as well in the form of lost revenue from you as well as bad word of mouth. As such, when you have a need or concern, we have to be there for you. Business happens in real time, it does no good if we aren't here for you when you need us. Our goal is if we are with another client when you need us we will contact with you within an hour.

2. Upfront Pricing

The tax codes are largely written by attorneys, and the rules of accounting are written by accountants and to some extent attorneys as well. We have the background and training to figure out what the regulations and laws actually mean. Does that mean we are better or superior? No, it just means we have different training. Not many people would ask an accountant to add an electrical outlet to their kitchen, because they don't have the training necessary to do so.

Accountants are not expected to know how to wire a three way switch, decorate cupcakes, or even machine tools, so we will not expect you to know that the consequences of selling a piece equipment could trigger a depreciation recapture.

7. Ever wonder when you hear stories of employees stealing huge amounts of money over many years how they got away with it with the business owners never knowing about it?

We aren't going to lie, GJW Accounting wants to make money too, after-all we are a business. However, we want to make money while we are helping you make even more money, not just nickel and dime you for every billable hour we can squeeze out of you. We take the position that we would rather have you make a right decision then wonder if it is worth it to call us about a financial question you have. As a rule of thumb, as long as we are doing your business financials on a monthly or quarterly basis, we will not charge for quick questions. If it is something where we need to delve deeper and come up with a solution for you, we believe it is appropriate to charge you for the extra services we are providing, with the caveat that you will know upfront an estimate of what it would cost to come up with that answer. In the end though, we would hope it would be a non-issue as we are providing the information you need to help you make profitable business decisions.
1. We will return your phone calls promptly.

How many times have you heard an accountant say that? There are times when you can't do something, there are other times when you can do it, but you just have to do it in another way. Sometimes you have to get creative, legally. Maybe you can do that, if you do it this way. A great example of that is the home office deduction. Many accountant's do not want to venture into that territory because they believe it is an audit target for the IRS. Even if that is true, it's an accountant's job to fight for your deductions, if it is legal for you to take those deductions, not say something to discourage you from taking what is legally yours.

If we don't know how you operate your business, how are we supposed to help you to the fullest extent possible? One of the most  important things an accountant can do for you; an accountant never does for you. If you have the type of relationship where you drop off your receipts and related documents at your accountants each month and wait for them to process the information into financials, your accountant is not giving you the service you should be demanding. Your accountant should be recommending ways for you to be more efficient and cost effective. To do this, an accountant needs to know your business and how it runs, which often times means your accountant has to see your business in operation. Accountants have to see how the products you manufacture come together, or what parts you use installing home theatre wiring, or even what ingredients you put in your pies. Why? First and most importantly we can make sure you are profitable in all areas of your business. Many times businesses are breaking even or even losing money on items or services they sell to their customers.

Is this something every client wants or needs? No it isn't. Prevention is always better than a cure. In the end it's your decision whether you want to use these services we offer. However, if you don't know what you are making on an individual product or service, we highly recommend that you consider asking us for help in this area.

How many things do you purchase without any idea how much it will cost? Accounting and tax services should be no different. If we aren't able to come up with an accurate quote we will give you a price ceiling for our services and we will do everything possible to come in under that ceiling.

As a former business owner, there were many times when Grant was called up at 3:00 PM or later on the 15th of the month by his accountant. Why? Well he had to get to the bank and make a 941 deposit before the bank closed. He always wondered why he got the call most times on the 15th. He got his payroll information into his accountant for the prior month by the 5th or 6th of the current month at the latest. There is no excuse for that, and with the accountant calling that late, it meant the accountant was first working on his business papers almost 2 weeks after they were dropped off, that is unacceptable.

6. We need to know how to wire a three way switch, decorate cupcakes, and even machine tools. We have to ask you questions.

9. Statement of Cash Flows and Budgeting and Forecasting

Income Statements and Balance Sheets are relatively useful tools in measuring the history of your business. However, perhaps the most useful tool in managing your business is one that few accountants give to their clients, the Statement of Cash Flows. Some people might even be a little unfamiliar with what cash flow statements are. They are a summary of where your money went during the month. Did you spend more money on equipment then you really could afford the past period? The Statement of Cash Flows explains the balance in your checking account. It can be vital in spotting financial pitfalls early. This is a lead in to the next set of financial documents few accountants produce for their clients, budget tracking and forecasting. You need to look forward in business, and looking in the past helps you understand what happened, but if you and your accountant fail to look forward and recognize trends in your business, you once again are not getting all of the services you should be getting from your accountant and at the very least your accountant should have stressed to you how important these tools are.

3. No Surprise Tax Bills

This relates to number 6. The blame for almost all of these incidents should be laid on the accountant. However, usually the accountant is in the dark, because they do not take an active interest in their clients businesses. Accountants are trained in being able to set up controls so that employees are not able to undertake fraud without help from other people. How exactly? The first and most basic control is not having a single employee authorized to issue checks, sign checks, and balance the bank statement. Hopefully you already know this though. Even if this situation exists in your business, an accountant should be able to detect fraudulent activity, only as long as they know how your business operates though.

8. Getting the bill for the quick question you called about and were feeling unfulfilled with the answer you received.

As stated in number 6, accountants are trained in accounting. Grant is also trained in accounting, but before that he ran a business that was hyper competitive and truly realizes the importance of customer service. We were formed on the premise that we will be here for you every time all the time. At GJW Accountants, every client is treated as if they are our best client.

We hope you give us an opportunity to prove ourselves.

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