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Business Plans
Stupid Business Plans, but they are not just for a bank loan

A business plan will make you answer the hard questions most want to ignore....
The Numbers

You prepare everything but the numbers. You will receive 5 years of complete financials. The 1st year will include monthly profit and loss statements. The first 3 years will also include best and worst case scenarios.

What will you do if you most profitable customer goes bankrupt?

What if there is a major change in federal or state regulations?

What if a larger, more effecient competitor enters the market?

What is the long term outlook of my industry

What free collateral do I have for a quick bridge loan?

What is my squeal point, if my business fails what is my backup plan?

What goals do I have to reach before I expand, or buy new equipment?

A proper business plan is not just about numbers, a business plan should lay out your goals, your objectives for meeting those goals, and potential obstacles. The most important piece of the business plan is to plan for those obstacles and minimize your risk.

A business plan is vital for that moment when you fell like you have to throw you hands up and say now what, and hopefully a business plan, or more importantly, the review and following of what it says means you will never get to that moment.
We Put It Together

You have most of the information already you just aren't sure what to do with it. Give it to us, we will do some additional research if necessary and put it together into a comprehensive business plan.

Even if you aren't looking at obtaining financing a up-to-date business plan can be an invaluable tool for businesses. In terms of existing businesses it should ask where you were, where you are now, and most importantly where you are going and how you are going to get there.

If you do need a bank loan to start a business or are looking to expand your operation you are going to need a business plan. GJW Accounting can make your business plan with you. We say with you, because planning for your business is a very important thing, we need your input.

We offer three different business planning services

A business plan is a very customized product. Sure you can buy a pre-made business plan online and have what you need to satisfy the bank, but how is that document helping you?
You have the idea, we prepare the plan

We prepare it all, the market and industry research, the Level 2 financials, and the Level 1 comprehensive plan.
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