Choosing the right accountant can be the difference between success and failure...
Financial Statement Analysis
Why Hire Us?

We understand that are of accounting can be a scary mystery to most people. Grant can attest tasks related to the books are easily shoved to the back burner in favor of just taking care of the day-to-day operations of your business. There are very few people that cheer when it is time for them to do their daily bookwork. If you are reading this and thinking this is me, it is especially important for you to have a strong thorough accountant on your side. If you are thinking that you love numbers, then great, but it is also very important that you have a second set of impartial eyes look at your business.

When Grant ran his business, most months Grant was left with a really nice looking set of monthly financials showing his business results for the month. The analysis of his financials consisted of whether a revenue or expense line was more or less than last year, and the bottom line. Accountants are specially trained to construct financials, at the very least they should be able to give you a few ideas of where the weaknesses are, what path your business is on, what you have to look out for, and possibly even what you should focus on.
If you aren't happy or understand what we did, we aren't happy.

Does that mean that every failed business is the fault of an accountant? Of course not, however most reasons for a business failing center around some mismanagement of money. You hire an accountant for guidance on your business’s performance, but also should rely on them for any significant financial transaction your business considers.
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Customer Service

Most accountants do not have to hit the pavement and search for customers. Their customers come to them through word of mouth or by referrals. Almost all other businesses have to offer a superior product, service, or have to strive to offer their product or service at the best value for its customers. Accountants are great at numbers, but customer service isn’t their biggest priority. If they do not offer you top notch service and you decide to move on, that’s ok. There is another client waiting at the door. Very few accounting firms have the mindset that if you fail, they have failed too.

Grant Wilson has an accountant’s passion for numbers, and even more so, a passion to help people. He finds it very rewarding being able to help right a ship that went wrong, or even alerting you to places where you might be able to generate greater profits. The guiding philosophy of our firm is to not only to produce financials of your business or file your tax return; it is to make sure that you have an understanding of what these documents mean, and how they were constructed.
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